A lot can happen in a week…

Last week – Thursday 20 January – my wife was induced.

SIXTY SIX hours of labour later, Alexander Joseph Ming Hin Wong was brought into the world in a very messy manner on Sunday morning, weighing 8lbs 1oz. I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe…

We were finally allowed to bring Alexander home on Wednesday afternoon, after three nights of HyperHam and Alexander being stuck in a noisy ward full of screaming babies, Alexander included.

Thus Wednesday night was the first night of hell for both of us, with a screaming baby that could only be placated by a combination of feeds, bumps, crooning Lady GaGa lullabies and finally him sleeping in my arms while I was propped up on the sofa and could take a nap myself. Tips for getting babies to sleep at night are highly appreciated!

And that’s already taken up one week of paternity leave – just two more to go. 🙁

Hyperham and Alexander