An average day goes like this:

12am – Having fed the baby, we’re both in bed, desperately trying to get some sleep while the baby stirs and makes the odd sound.

3am/4am – the baby wakes up, screaming and desperate for food. So we begin the feeding ritual, which takes at least an hour in all.

4am/5am – the baby is fed, but won’t be placated so I usually take on the mantle of trying to placate him all morning via a combination of holding, swinging and walking. It never works for more than two minutes at a time, and then suddenly he’ll literally drop asleep in my arms and I can’t move for fear of waking him. In the meantime, @HyperHam is back in bed getting some much needed sleep.

9am – @HyperHam wakes up, and finds me desperately sleep-groggled, and usually in a vague state of panic and loss. She takes over the baby-watching duties, and I stumble into bed.

1pm – we’re both up, sleep-addled and not quite ready for the daily list of chores, health visitors or other things that need doing. The baby is, at this point of course, sometimes fast asleep, lucky thing.

5pm – Having done our chores, if the baby’s asleep we’ll both go for a nap. Otherwise, we take turns to get a nap. Unless we’ve been lucky enough to have a mid-afternoon nap in which case we’re both awake, ready to do chores but knowing we’re going to have a tough night ahead.

Of course, like any plans in the wake of a baby arrival, you can rip the plan to shreds. Right now, it’s 1am and I’m still wide awake as a button having had a tea-time nap. @HyperHam and baby went to bed at 10pm fast asleep – it’s gotten easy since we introduced a dummy/pacifier today, at the suggestion of our midwife.

and yesterday was the best celebration – thanks to a combo of evening naps and watching, @HyperHam got 5 hours of sleep. Woot!

Sleep deprivation is very interesting – you get a very bizarre combination of rich dreams which you tend to wake up in the middle of. And of course, I’ve made some monumental cock-ups due to lack of attention due to sleep deprivation.