Dear Alex;

Over the weekend a very bad thing happened.  Two mean old tectonic plates under the ocean didn’t want to play nice, and hit each other, and the water above them shook and splashed and came onto the land of an island called Japan, and hurt a lot of people.  Now, the good and wonderful thing is lots of people are helping out and trying to make sure all the Mummies and Daddies find their babies, and that is what makes me happy to be a human – we can show such love when we want to. 

When you were very little, so little and hidden we couldn’t see you without a big machine, I asked your forgiveness.  I told you that people might be mean to you based on how you looked, or because of your nationality.   Your mummy looks different than you and Daddy, so she does not have to deal with those issues.  You will have to.

A very stupid stupid girl went on the Internet and decided to make a fool of herself.  This is not odd, Alex.  People make fools of themselves on the internet every day.  But she decided to make fun of people who look like you.  Mummy does not like that.  There’s not a lot she can do about it though – it’s called racism.  Racism is when someone doesn’t like someone else, not because they know each other, but because of what they think about each other.  It is ignorant. 

UCLA racist girl

Some people also decided that the nice folks in Japan who got hurt somehow deserved it, because about 65 years ago they were mean to us.  These people are also ignorant, and lack a basic understanding of fault lines.  http://spaceghetto.org/images/efyye.jpg 

These people are very dumb, it is true.  When you find them under the rocks (which are their homes), and they yell at you, I don’t want you to be angry, my son.  I want you to feel sorry for them.  You see, they had the chance to learn, from school, from libraries, from the machines they are writing their hatred on.  The girl in the first video, Alexandra Wallace?  She was going to college.  That’s big people school!  Her parents paid a lot of money for her to take classes every day.  They paid for her apartment.  I bet they even paid for her computer and camera that she was talking through.  She had every opportunity to make herself more aware of her world, opportunities that most people will never ever have, and she chose to close her eyes and ears, and make herself ignorant.   The people on facebook like Deborah Lawson, John Higgins, Jerry Kopp, Joe Cansdale, and the people on the radio who blame it on Islam, and the people from the pulpit who blame it on homosexuality,and many other willfully stupid people – they are to be pitied, like we would pity a dumb animal.  They had a chance to learn about history (and religion, and lithosphere), but they chose not to.  They choose to wallow in hatred and ignorance, till one day it devours their soul and they are left with nothing but a memory of what it was to once have goodness in their life. 

They are to be pitied.  Because they are pitiful. 

I am lucky, my son.  I have you, the most wonderful thing in the Universe, in my life.  You give me the strength to not find each one of these vile little creatures and beat them down, or make their online life a living hell.  You give me the joy to say to myself ‘These silly people are not worth my time’.  You give me the hope to believe their hatred and stupidity will die with them.

I am still sorry, though. 

I am sorry that people who look like Mummy will say bad things to you and Daddy, or to people who look like you two.  I’m sorry I can’t shield you from this.  And when I get really angry, I’m sorry Daddy won’t let me bootstomp these people into oblivion. 

All I can do is hold you and Daddy close.  Luckily, I am very good at that!  🙂