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    Making pizza with the family 

    Father’s Day is around the corner, which means the same lovely but predictable parade of gifts including photo frames, neck ties, and I’m sure, somewhere, a photo frame made of discarded neckties. It’s not that we don’t love our glitter glue and macaroni art gifts or wacky golf tees in a commemorative box; on the contrary, I’ll treasure each one lovingly handed to me by The Kid. It’s just that in an era where technology means we’re more likely to FaceTime our children then actually spend time with them face to face, moments of creating and teaching can get lost.

    So fantastically, Pizza Express invited the Geek Family to their new swanky restaurant off Gloucester Road (converted from a ye olde bank) near the Natural History Museum, to learn about the mystical (well, mystical to me) art of making pizzas, getting just a little messy together and making some cool memories.

    The jovial host showed us to our pizza making station – which was covered in flour and dough – and showed everyone how to knead the dough and flip it about, which is much easier and more fun to do when you have lots of wide space (instead of a tiny galley of a kitchen) and you don’t need to mop up yourself afterwards!

    After the kids (including the father-aged ones) had rolled, kneaded and flipped the dough to a round shape (or a square shape if you’re a Dad who wants to show off and be all distinctive), it was time for the kids to choose their own ingredients. Our kid was a bit Gwyneth Paltrow minimalist in his choice of ingredients, and opted for tomato sauce – this is in itself a bit of an innovation, since he usually prefers his pizza plainer than Antarctica. Sadly for the kid, he was not given the option of adding gummi worms to his pizza. Myself, on the other hand, chose EVERY INGREDIENT AVAILABLE. So thus the kid’s minimalist pizza and Dad’s square pepperoni-ham-mushroom-olives-artichockes-cheesy feast pizza both went into the oven.

    Fifteen minutes later, piping hot and lovely pizzas emerged from the oven and this is where I learnt why square pizzas are not the world’s best idea (they tend to burn at the edges). Nevertheless, we all tucked in with gusto and The Kid ate a whole pizza by himself, which hardly ever happens.

    We all had a fun time, had some great memories and made some new friends – hello to fellow Dad, blogger, Twitterer and Whovian Lee Carey!

    Thanks to Pizza Express for inviting us, and they have a special Father’s Day offer on – Give Dad The Gift Of Pizza’ – where any starter and a main can be purchased from £11.95 this Father’s Day weekend.

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    Swapping Lego Trading cards? 

    If, like us, your household has been sucked into endlessly shopping at Sainsbury’s in an attempt to get more golden Lego trading cards, then you’ll also have amassed a huge collection of duplicates.

    In case you want to swap one of your duplicates, for one of our duplicates, then here’s our list of Lego trading card duplicates. Please comment below if you want to do a swap!

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    Spring with a tech-addicted four year old… 

    Today sees the first beginnings of spring here – when the sun is just about strong enough to actually entice people out into the world, and into the back garden.

    Enticing our four-year-old Weapon, is another matter, especially when he has been fully seduced into the ways of the iPad, and Hot Wheels toy car videos in particular.

    After a spot of minature Golf Olympics (running and spider-jumping over carefully-laid minature golf clubs), thwacking a poor football with a long bamboo stick and a fair bit of planting, he decided he would prefer to go back inside for a spot of Hot Wheels video watching.

    I was a little ready to drag him back outside, then I remember he is the product of two parents who tended to prefer the tech leisure solution to life, as opposed to playing outside.

    So I’ll give him a little iPad time. Then take it away from him, and drag him to the local park. Maybe he’ll remember the joy of the slide…

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    The perfect place to entertain toddlers in London… 

    What if I told you that there was a place in Central London, that was perfect for entertaining toddlers while keeping your sanity because:

    For toddlers:

    • a fun table-based playset that keeps their attention
    • a bunch of kid-friendly areas where the toddlers can play at being drivers
    • a bigger environment where toddlers can practice being drivers
    • a street scene where toddlers can have fun learning how to cross the street and pressing buttons

    and for adults:

    • toddlers that are happily entertained
    • toddler-friendly toilets that are clean and easy to use
    • FREE WI-FI. Did I mention that earlier? FREE WI-FI.
    • a nearby cafe for a quick injection of caffeine
    • Only £15 entry fee – and then you can return as many times as you like for a year
    • free entry for under-5s
    • it’s possible to exit the place without going through the gift shop…
    • no repetitive soundtrack of tween-friendly tunes

    and better yet, it’s in the heart of Covent Garden so adults and toddlers alike can recuperate afterwards with a hideously expensive burger if they feel the urge to spend money SOMEWHERE?

    This perfect slice of nirvana for wrangling toddlers is the London Transport Museum. Run, don’t walk to this place the next time you feel the need to wrangle your toddler in a new space!

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    Training toilet etiquette in the urban environment… 

    So the other day, I was standing on an Underground platform in the suburbs (ie not underground, thankfully) when I observed a couple with a small kid, about the same age as Our Kid.

    Unfortunately, it became very apparent that Their Kid needed to use the toilet rapidly – but of course, there are no toilets on Underground platforms. So the parents basically took Their Kid’s trousers off, where he proceeded to quickly urinate on the platform (by a wall), before they put his trousers back on.

    The question is, if it was your kid who needed to urinate, and you had two options:

    a) Let him pee on the ground, and thus at least “encourage” his toilet training
    b) Force him to pee in his trousers, and possibly set back his toilet training

    What would you do?

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    How to raise a kid right, from the longest study ever conducted… 

    It seems that in 1938, Harvard started a study looking at 200+ men, and followed their lives from then on to see who flourished, who didn’t, and the reasons behind why they might or might not have done so.

    And they’re still studying them, now.

    There’s a long article summarising the study, which is based around a (presumably much longer) book, but it does seem that regardless of background, it’s all about:

    • having a loving home
    • having a sense of humour
    • keeping active
    • finding love

    Now, it would seem unlikely that we can help our toddler to find love at this early stage – unless it’s a love for dinosaurs and cars in which case he’s set – but it probably behooves us all as parents to make sure the other things are taken care of!

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    When being a Dad ruins being a geek… 

    As a former film journalist, I still follow what’s going on in mainstream cinema, even if I don’t get to go anywhere near as often as I’d like to.

    And thus yesterday, the trailer for Interstellar, Christopher Nolan’s eagerly anticipated look at how humanity might end up on an alien planet, debuted:

    Interstellar – Official Trailer 3 from Israr on Vimeo.

    Most of the Internet is full of