Baby-proofing your geek equipment…

There comes a time, for every geek Dad, when he has to face the inevitable. No more can he proudly display his collection of rare Tripods DVDs and Blu-Rays, his gadget collection and trailing wires for maximum network efficiency. It is time to put away these things, so that his precious equipment – as far as possible – can be protected from the hands of his meddling offspring.

But where can you get this fabled stuff? I’ve managed to get safety socket covers in Ikea and child-proof cupboard latches in Boots, but where can one find:

  • things that will cover and combine wires without leaving them trailing all over the floor
  • soft gel-like corners for coffee tables
  • retrofitted glass doors for bookshelves/display units to stop kids walking into them
  • door-slam stoppers

and more importantly, what have I forgotten?

This was prompted by an article I found in a supermarket magazine which, rather unhelpfully, doesn’t say where these items can be purchased…