Cloth Diapering

 Just a small boast:  At 11 weeks, we are nearly 100% cloth diaper/baby wipes.  We didn’t start full on till last week as we have Econobum, Bum Genius (4 of them) and Tots Bots (size 0, 3 of them), and our little one is finally big enough for them to fit!  Econobum is…economical, BG is great, and TB is fabu, my fave so far.  I just feel…*good* doing this.  The house doesn’t smell of stinky diapes in the trash, we’re not hemmoraging cash on disposables, and my eco-yumminess is through the roof!  Yay for cloth diapering! 

For those who may wonder if this is for them, some tips from us:

Do NOT freak out if you didn’t start from the time they were born. Any time to cloth diaper is a good time!  I know if we would have started earlier I would have given up by now (our LO had medical issues from birth, this would have been too much stress).  Start when you feel ready.  If that isn’t now, wait a month or so, then give it another try.

Do NOT beat yourself up if you don’t cloth diaper 100%.  For whatever reason  (initial cost of setup, daycare issues, etc) you may only cloth diaper 50% or 20% of the time.  No biggie.  The point is, you are doing something wonderful for the planet and your kid.  Be proud of what you can do, not angry about what you can’t.

Do NOT worry about what anyone else thinks on either side!  If someone wants to think your a hippie dippie throwback for diapering, let them.  If someone wants to think you are an Earth killer for not CDing 100%, let them.  You do what is right for you. 

And finally, DO congratulate yourself for doing a difficult thing, during a difficult time.  Raising a kid is near impossible, and it would be easy to go for the quick fix of a disposable, but your going the extra mile.  Even CD’ing once a day is a *wonderful* thing.   

And finally, a cool recipe I found for baby wipes solution – great for reusable baby wipes (we use squares of cut up flannel), or with paper towels for on-the-go cleanings without all the icky chemicals in modern wipes.

2 cups water

2 tablespoons olive oil

2 little squirts baby wash

optional 3 droplets of essential oil (lavender is nice, I am currently using tea tree oil)

Mix in a spray/squirt bottle, use whenever and wherever!