Dear 19-month-old Kid …

You’re going to be 19 months old tomorrow. And yes, for the last three months (at least) you’ve been walking, making the odd noise and using me as your exo-skeleton and pointing in the general direction of places you want to go to when you can’t be bothered to walk there.

Indeed, we’ve managed to put you on a harness and let you walk wherever you want to. You love climbing stairs and steps, but have yet to realise that when there’s vertical space between you and the ground, that’s generally a dangerous thing. You’re also fascinated by opening and closing doors, even if you fail to notice the real hand opening and closing them, and the fact you’ve had your finger trapped in the hinges once already.

But in the last couple of days you’ve managed to surprise me even more. How? The noises you’ve been making are starting to sound suspiciously like consonants. And they’ve come with a happy lilt. Now, I may be reading too much into this, but I get the feeling that you’re getting the handle on how to be expressive, and you’re quite happy about it too.

Plus you’ve now stopped screaming when I leave the house for work.

Love you!