Double Edged Sword

I went to check in on baby (the first time I checked in, he was sitting at the top of his crib, trying to reach everything on the night stand – oy!), and he was backwards/upside down/on his tummy. I immediately wanted to grab the camera and snap a pick to share, when I stopped.

Technology has given us an amazing tool – the ability to share moments in time. Why just yesterday we were having tea with my mum (who lives 5 timezones away) via the wonder that is Skype, when a friend dropped in. So introductions were made via cam, something that couldn’t happen even over a phone line. But, technology also takes away – it strips the primary user of the tech from really experiencing the moment. I don’t look at my son babbling, I look at the camera’s screen, and see a recording (live, but still a recording) of my son babbling at me. That camera sucks the life out of the moment between my son and I, while giving life to the end users (his grandparents). When we give, we miss out.

I watched him a bit longer, debated whether I should right him (and risk the wrath of light sleeping AlexMonster), and finally left the room, sans photo.

It’s his moment. Let him have it.