God Save Us All

Jubilee weekend is upon us.  Four days of all things Lizzie 2, courtesy of the British taxpayer.  While I don’t see much use of a monarch (we did, after all, have to lay the smackdown on your King George III oh so many years ago), I get that the royals are a major tourist draw, and heads of state do have their purpose – we look to them in times of trouble to gauge the nation.  As the monarchy does, so does Britain, all that.  Since I have to take a Brit test in a few months, I’ve been trying to learn more about the kings and queens.  I know every monarch from William I to Lizze II in order, and can even sing a cheeky song to the line of ascension!  And honestly, from everything I’ve read of Liz, she’s a decent lady.

Imagine if you were born under the world’s eye, knowing that the only way you will ever do the job you were born for is if your dad dies.  That has to fuck with a kid’s head.  Not only that, but because of the order of your birth, you’re now essentially the Pope of your nation’s religion, ordained by God to lead the church.  I can’t even manage my checkbook, and this lady at my age was (in spirit)running the nation’s church and land.  That has to do a number on you.  But she’s never had a sex scandal, or a drug issue, or any sort of silliness.  And while her husband is a cray-cray racist (although my BIL says he’s a very nice fellow), and her kids are all sorts of a hot mess, compared to the elected officials that she has ruled with, she’s come out smelling like a rose.  She’s never had a day off, or been allowed to seem as anything else but perfect.  That’s some ridiculous pressure.  You may not like the office, but you have to appreciate the woman.

Someone being interviewed in E’burg said it best about the day – “Whether you’re a royalist or a republican, this day is about the community coming together and having a wonderful day”.  I like that.  I was watching the protest from the republicans, a dour group with little placards and an old dude in a Guy Fawkes mask (where it must have been stuffy, as he took it off 3 minutes in), and they seemed so…ugh.  Instead of trying to remove the monarchy (which sorry, isn’t going to happen in the next few hundred years), why not do everything you can to educate, inform, and inspire the royals to do everything in their power to help all of the British public?  Because while I’m a 99%er, even *I* was turned off by them.  And those who say, “Well, if we don’t protest, change won’t occur”, you can suck it.  My nation wrote a massive ‘Dear John’ letter to Georgie 3, and then stopped paying taxes.  Take off that idiotic mask and put your money where your mouths are, sunshine, and then we’ll talk.

So, you go, Liz.  Enjoy your weekend.  Here’s to another 10 years, if nothing else, to piss off your eldest son.