Happy Towel Day!

My son and I, approximately 30 mins after birth.  Notice my towel on my left shoulder, as well as his new towel.  Obviously, we are waiting for the Babelfish to arrive before we can make formal introductions.















I love Douglas Adams.  I’ve read Hitchiker’s more times than I can count, and find something amazingly new every time I read it.  We lost a massive voice in not only science fiction, but humanity the day he passed.  RIP.


(PS, I know it’s the blabbity blah anniversary of Star Wars Episode IV, and I have a great shot of baby in Star Wars gear, but Lucas has broken my geek girl heart so many times, I can’t post it.  DAMN YOU LUCAS!  STOP RUINING MY CHILDHOOD WITH YOUR 3D BLU RAY LIMITED EDITION BOX SET IDIOCY!)