Middle-class problems

The trouble with having a baby is that your mid-term plans and thought processes for the day are shot to pieces.

I might be in the middle of doing something while @HyperHam actually looks after the baby … then suddenly a minor emergency happens and it requires both our attentions. And then when I finally get back to doing what I was doing before, I’m totally lost. So our thoughts are totally dis-jointed – and the lack of sleep and general energy don’t help either.

Comparatively, we’ve got a good kid. He’s at least sleeping through the night (well, 10pm to 6am) after we started a bedtime routine of bed, burps, bath, bedtime story and bed. (There’s also changing of the nappy in the mix but I can’t think of a way of describing that that begins with a ‘b’)

So while @HyperHam has the minor task of mostly looking after the baby every single daytime hour of every single weekday, I’ve got the much more onerous task of thinking endlessly about the future, my brain revolving around the following questions:

Living space

At the moment, we’re all squeezed into a 48m2 one-bed flat. When Alex starts to crawl, we can ditch a big coffee table and give him some crawl/play space … but how long can three people live in a one-bed flat?

Bearing in mind how slow the housing chain works, even when we decide to move, it’ll take a minimum of three months to sort out selling our flat and finding somewhere else … so when should we move?

I’d say let’s move now while house prices are relatively cheap – but I am aware that for some reason, I’ve been very keen to change everything in my life in the last year or so, and@HyperHam is far more concerned with day-to-day matters, and more upheavel in our lives is the last thing she wants.

So how long can three people live in a one-bed flat?