Mixed Race, or why I am about to curse a great deal

I was visiting a Guardian article about Takeaway (which had been reviewed on this blog and my hubby’s main blog), and came across a comment from someone calling themselves BBCZeitgeist.  (BBC in this context means British Born Chinese).  My hubby being a BBC, and my son being half BBC, I went to go check it out.

Big mistake.

At this point in the blog those of you with sensitive constitutions or who have children who are of reading age and are near the screen may want to just skip this entry.  I won’t feel bad at all, it’s better for you this way.




Last chance, folks.




WHAT THE FUCKITY FUCK FUCKING FUCKNESS IS WRONG WITH THIS PERSON?!?!?!  Apparently I had baby Alex because I am a “Mixed race Chinese baby fetisher”, but that’s okay, because Monkey (as a Western Raised BBC’s Born to Foreign Raised Parents – a level 3 on this idiot’s Hierachy of ‘Chineseness’) only had Alex because apparently he is a self hating BBCer who wishes to create a “Hegemonic Western Cultural Assimilation”.


Let’s get one thing straight, BBCZeitgeist.  I married my husband because I loved him, not because I wished to bear a cute baby.  He married me because he loved me, not because he felt some need to piss off generations of ancestors.  When we ‘met’, it was online – I didn’t see a photo of him till well into our emailing back and forth.  I met the person, not the skin tone.  Our baby may not be of ‘Pure Blood’, as you so proudly go on about, but he will be loved for the amazing child that he is – biologically Asian and Caucasian, culturally Chinese, British, and American.  You write that “It is puzzling as to why mixed race are ‘considered’ part of the British Chinese community.”  Frankly, I don’t give a fuck whether you consider him part of ‘your’ community.  His grandparents, proud HK immigrants, do.  They sing to him in the songs of their youth, they speak to him lovingly in Hakka, they showed him off proudly at his Full Moon Dinner just as if he had been ‘pure’.  They see themselves in him.  They see their heritage in him.  He is of their bloodline.  He is their grandchild.  That is all that matters to me.

BBCZeitgeist, you are a flat out racist, no better than the EDL in the UK Stormfront in the US, or any other racial group that claims that ‘breeding’ within groups creates a “multi-generational cultricide, genocide and linguicide”. The only thing you are missing is a white hood and a burning cross.  You seem to think that the inclusion of my (apparently inferior) white blood suddenly excludes my husband’s entire heritage.  Heritage is not connected to the racial line – ask any kid who was born into a military family and can speak the language of the locals in whatever base they lived at better than their own.  You don’t speak as to whether ‘pure Chinese babies’ are born into happy, loving families, you are only concerned that they aren’t muddied with other races.  THAT IS STRAIGHT UP RACISM, FUCKO.

Our child will know the Chinese language as well as English.  He will understand Chinese holidays as well as American-specific ones.  He will be a child of the Earth, no better and certainly no worse than someone whose parents happen to have the same facial features or country on their passport.  My child will be proudly Chinese.  He will be proudly British.  He will be proudly American.  And I will be proudly his mother.  Monkey will be proudly his father.


My mother and father in law have been staying with us for the week, and I asked them point blank what they thought Alex was.  My MIL translated what I was saying to my FIL, who thought for a moment and then said in English,


“Chinese.  White.  Mix.  Grandson.”


That just about sums it up.