Product Review: Philips PerfectCare CG9230 Steam Iron and Board

My biggest gripe out ironing is not the schlepping of the board, or the setup, or even the mind-numbing movement – it’s the maddening way that an iron is always either too hot or too cold.  My old iron has, like many of yours I imagine, a set of numbers with corresponding fabric names, and a slider bar.  You slide the bar to the fabric setting, and *allegedly* your iron will match the fabric.  But, we all know that’s not the way it works.  Here’s how it actually works.

The item says cotton blend.  You set it between polyester and cotton on the iron. You wait for 5 minutes. You attempt to iron. The fabric actually looks more rumpled by your efforts. You turn it up to the cotton setting. You BARELY touch the fabric, and it hisses in that evil way that tells you the article of clothing is now consigned to the rag bin. Repeat till you are in tears.

Ironing should not be that difficult.  That’s why I am so happy that Philips have figured out how to take the guesswork out of ironing with the new PerfectCare Steam system.  You don’t check labels (except to make sure the fabric should be ironed in the first place).  You don’t pray silently and curse loudly when it messes up.  You just plug it in, wait 2 minutes for it to heat up, and then start ironing.

I don’t know how the iron does it.  My best guess is pixies.  All I know is it works.

Don’t be put off by the size, it’s actually rather light (and the actual iron itself is exceedingly light).  It fits well in the hand, has enough cord length that you don’t feel you have to keep adjusting, and best of all (especially with London water), it has a anti-calcification system that helps you very easily remove hard water build up.

I know £250 or so for an iron seems like a lot, but think of it this way:  You’ll spend £7.50 to have 5 shirts cleaned at the dry cleaners.  If you get five shirts done every other week, that’s already £195 spent, in ONE YEAR alone, on other people chucking your clothes in the wash (with goodness knows what else), slapping them in a big press (where invariably a button gets broken), and then putting them on a cheap hanger that stretches the neckline.  Why would you spend £200 a year to have your clothes barely looked after, when you can spend just a few bucks more and know that for years to come, all your most delicate pieces will be well cared for?  It’s a no-brainer.

I used this iron in conjunction with the [[ASIN:B0079V0AW6 Philips GC240/05 Easy 8 Ironing Board]], as it made for an even better experience.  The board is GINORMOUS (in a good way), with enough bobs and gizmos on it to keep my techie husband amused for a week.  From fly-out shoulder press pads, to a swing arm that can hold 4 kilos of hung clothing, to the extra large iron base (just perfect for your new iron!), it takes all the guesswork out of a frankly infuriating activity.

Be the domestic god and goddess you’ve always wanted to be, check out this product!

And if you don’t believe me when I say it’s amazing, believe your own eyes when I took the 5 minute challenge!