Reasons not to give your toddler access to an iPad

I’m sure there are plenty of serious and scientifc studies and reasons as to why you shouldn’t give your child use of an iPad. But here’s another slightly more selfish reason.

On a day (like yesterday was) where it’s rainy and wet outside, which means you can’t play outside, an iPad has access to all sorts of new games and apps.

However, for our son, he uses it for one primary thing. Not for him the traditional carefully-planned structure of a TV station broadcast schedule. Nope, he wants his content when he wants it, and he also wants full control of it. If there’s a favourite bit, he’ll want to watch it again and again. (Sometimes, he’ll go up to the main TV and try to travel backwards in time by using a non-existent scrollbar on the TV set)

And so it came to pass, today, that he watched the same episode of Swashbuckle at least five times today. Primarily to join in the hearty song and cheers that start the show off – and indeed join in the dance movement and playground snarls. And then rewind to play it again. And again. And again.

I have the bloody blasted song in. my. head.




and I think I’m beginning to like it. Help.