Review: Pacca’s Carousel (language app)

Pacca's CarouselLike many a parent, I sometimes look for little language games so that my son can at least get a little grounding in another language aside from the lingua franca spoken in the household. Unlike other parents, I’m looking for games that can help teach my son Cantonese – which are surprisingly hard to find, since most language apps stick to European languages or choose Mandarin as a representation of the Chinese language.

So I was glad to be introduced to Pacca’s Carousel – a handy app (on Apple and Android) for toddlers that introduces some basic words in new languages including Cantonese and Arabic (as well as the usual standard French and Spanish).

It does this by allowing the user/child to pick from a bright range of colours, random objects and numbers to populate a carousel with. As the child touches the icon for each colour or object, the word for it in your chosen language is spoken aloud by a child, which helps to fix the pronounciation of the word to the object or colour.

Naturally, there are also some hidden surprises for certain objects, and there’s a range of bright and breezy soundtracks to accompany the choices your child makes. There’s even a night-time mode in case it becomes part of a kid’s bedtime routine.

It’s quite a handy little app, and I’m sure this will help any child acquire some basic words in a new language. Alex has been playing around with it and seems to quite enjoy it for what it is.

AnamilTech kindly allowed me to review the full app (priced at £1.49 on Google Play or Apple iTunes) but a free limited version of it is also available on Google Play or Apple iTunes to help you decide if it’d work for your child(ren).