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  • HyperHam 3:13 pm on February 10, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Tommy Jordan and Facebook (Digital) Parenting 

    There is a video currently spreading like wild fire of a very pissed off father who decides to teach his daughter a lesson about manners, civility, IT support, and common sense. If you haven’t seen it, enjoy:


    Now, the generational divide concerning the video could not be stronger, with mostly teens decrying it, and mostly adults loving it. I happen to be on the loving side, and here is why:

    When I was 11, I could not wait to be 12 so I could take my local hospital’s babysitting course, and start working as a ‘certified’ babysitter for my parents’ friends. I would watch their newborns sometimes till 3 in the morning, and I was 12! When I was 14, I couldn’t wait to be 15, so I could go to the local city office and get my permit to work, wherein I promptly got a job as a carhop for a 50’s themed place in my home town. I worked every summer in highschool, throughout my entire college career (it’s how I put myself through college), and of course, working on average 2-3 jobs in adulthood. My husband worked for free at his family’s eatery from the time he could stand on a kitchen chair and look over the counter to take orders. It probably never occurred to us to do anything else. So when I see a post like the daughter made, I have to laugh at it, as to me it is utterly ridiculous.

    As parents, we have a moral obligation to feed, clothe, shelter, and nuture our child, but more than that, I have a sworn duty not to turn him into a dickhead. He will understand that the things he wants are not the things he needs, he will understand that hard work is sometimes not only its own reward, but its ONLY reward, and he will get that he is part of a unit, not the center of the universe.

    This father didn’t raise a hand to his child; he did not call her names; he did not even reveal her identity; all he did was show her in no uncertain terms the following things:

    You respect the people who break their backs to provide for you
    You understand that your responsibilities are commensurate with your abilities, and do your best
    You understand that nothing is guaranteed in this life, especially not frivolities like your own personal laptop (something I would have KILLED to have at that age!)
    And most importantly…
    You never, NEVER try to get away with something online when your parent is a geek.

    I salute you, Mr. Jordan. While I am firmly anti-gun, even I could appreciate a few rounds into that piece of kit (and of course, one from the mum!). Your daughter may not thank you now; hell, she may never thank you. But many, MANY parents do thank you.

  • HyperHam 3:06 pm on May 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    I just unfriended someone on FB that I h… 

    I just unfriended someone on FB that I have known since I was 12 or so – 23 years.  She put up a status update which essentially said that Obama only caught Osama by using Bush era intel, that he only caught Osama when he did because his poll numbers were lagging, and how waterboarding got us the intel we needed, etc.  Now, I can go through one by one and point out that if the Bush intel was so great, why didn’t Bush ever use it, that if he wanted to really use the death/capture of Osama, he would have waited till just before the Primaries and blown the GOP out of the water, and that everyone, right and left, have agreed that waterboarding and other inhumane torture methods were not used to get the intel needed to kill Osama.  I could have, but I didn’t bother.  It’s like dealing with Birthers, or people who believe the Earth is six thousand years old, and kids used to play with dinosaurs – logic and facts don’t matter to them.  They only care about their own predjudices and viewpoints.  I realized that I had nothing in common with this person, and probably hadn’t for a very long time.  (I do like the irony of her being religious and also apparently pro-torture.  I don’t remember Jesus ever saying “Suffer the little children to come unto me…I SAID SUFFER, MOTHERFUCKERS!”).  Ah well. 

    I don’t know why I bother keeping some of these tenuous ties up – is it nostalgia, or selfishness, or vanity?  I just don’t know.  Monkey says I think about this too much, that I can just set status updates and such so people can’t see them.  I say why not just get rid of them?  Why go through extra effort to hide your life from someone, when you could *really* hide, and just kick them off?  Alex is just starting to nap on his own, it’s not like I have oodles of extra time to go through my lists and hide some, scan others, etc etc etc. 

    Sigh.  I thought being a geek meant I didn’t have to *deal* with people!

    • Mosh 4:58 pm on May 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      According to the frequently changing and contradictory statements being released intelligence was gathered, in part, by using "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques". Now come on – tell me that's not a euphamism for "torture".

    • @Mosh 5:00 pm on May 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      According to the frequently changing and contradictory statements being released intelligence was gathered, in part, by using "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques". Now come on – tell me that's not a euphamism for "torture".

      And OpenID logon here still doesn't work unless it's a Chrome issue.

      • HyperHam 5:03 pm on May 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        I'll tell Monkey about the Chrome, he's generally on FF.

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