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  • HyperHam 4:01 pm on July 14, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Harming your brand, or why I am mad at Transport for London 

    I like the TFL.  I do.  I don’t drive in the UK, and have lived in London for a year and a half, so I rely on TFL for everything.  I have written at length about how to be the best parent you can when using public transportation, and I really do find TFL pretty kind to parents, overall.

    Until today.

    First things first – 99% that I use public transport, I babywear.  For me it saves the trouble of having to fight my way on and off the bus, and I think it is as kind as possible to other riders.  So, when I was at my home stop and my bus pulled up with a large amount of people on the bottom level, we went upstairs.  When we reached our stop (X), I waited for the bus to stop and then carefully walked downstairs.  Just as I was about to disembark, the doors shut in front of me.  I rang the bell and was told “40 seconds is all you get”.  Now, not only was this rude, it was dangerous as hell, because between the stop I got off at and the one before it was this:


    Thanks, bastard bus driver

    Hey! Who wants to play live-action Frogger?

    There is nothing like staring down 5 lanes of traffic as the A 40 merges into Holland Park roundabout with your child strapped to your chest to make you really, really regret not being a jerk and just hitting the Emergency Open button at your actual stop.


    Now, a few things to keep in mind:   I have gotten off at that stop hundreds of times, and have never seen a time limit introduced.  Disounting the fact that
    A) We had to wait quite a few minutes at the Goldhawk Rd. stop for the driver handoff, so I knew we had just begun a shift and could not be terribly off schedule,
    B) There was a 94 bus directly in front of us which was taking off as we were apporaching, meaning time could be made up at the next (usually empty) stop,
    C) In the amount of time it took the driver to say “40 seconds” while he was still at the stop, we could have disembarked, and
    D) In no way shape or form does it take me 40 seconds to walk down a small flight of stairs, forcing me to believe he was miscouting,
    it is an incredible lack of common courtesy on this driver’s part to not take 5 seconds out and let me disembark.  I play by the rules – I don’t bring on a pram the size of an aircraft carrier, I always have my Oyster card out, I only take up one seat.  I have respect for TFL – TFL has no respect for me.  In the future I will be forced to use a pram and take up extra space on the bottom deck to avoid having to cross a 5 lane highway with my baby, which does nothing but harm the productivity of other drivers and bus patrons.
    Ah well.   I kept a little bit of cool, made a mental note of the bus details, and shot off an email to TFL.  Let’s see if their office disrespects parents as much as today’s driver did.
  • HyperHam 8:28 pm on May 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    It’s fair to say I am a bit of a geek.  I like my fandoms (Doctor Who, sci-fi, and anything Neil Gaiman cares to make).  I appreciate that great storytelling is great storytelling, be it crazy eyed Tom Baker, or an aria from La Traviata.  Verdi, meet Moffat.  I love when people dress up as characters, or create items based on the show itself (anything from a life sized Dalek to mini finger puppets of the characters from Shaun of the Dead), but I cannot, in any way shape or form, abide when people try to make money off of said items.  My ‘grrrrrr’ meter understandably spiked when I was looking over an online forum dedicated to showing off DW-related crafts, and came across this:

    I’ve decided to put up the pattern for my Don’t Blink bookmark here on LJ. I don’t really want to charge people money for this pattern, since the text “Don’t Blink” is a significant part of the bookmark and I didn’t design that font. The weeping angels and the way the bookmark is arranged are my work, but the font came from here and I don’t intend to make money selling someone else’s pattern. But I know some people would like this pattern, so here it is for free at my journal. All I ask is that you don’t sell either the pattern or the finished product. Have fun!


    I hear you asking, HyperHam, why be upset, she’s not charging money for it!  Re-read it again, paying attention to the highlighted portion:

    I’ve decided to put up the pattern for my Don’t Blink bookmark here on LJ. I don’t really want to charge people money for this pattern, since the text “Don’t Blink” is a significant part of the bookmark and I didn’t design that font. The weeping angels and the way the bookmark is arranged are my work…


    She doesn’t want to charge because the text was designed by someone else, forgetting apparently that the Weeping Angels were designed by someone else as well.  Many people, in fact.  Moffat had an idea, who gave the concept to a wonderful costume department, who then worked with a fantastic makeup wing, who then ran it all past a lighting designer, all to create one of the scariest monsters in sci-fi history.  Those people (save for Moffat) don’t make an enormous amount of cash – I’ve worked behind the scenes, I know you do it for the love of the job.  They deserve a little more respect than taking their concept and cross stitching it onto a bookmark and calling it yours.  The BBC does not take kindly to this sort of thing when money isn’t changing hands – can you imagine what they could do to people who are ripping off their designs and making cash off it (as the author’s own Etsy site shows)?  I know in the great Pantheon of Geek Taboos it’s pretty far down there, probably rating just above saying that Greedo shot first, but it pisses me off to no end.  Crap like this ruins it for the rest of the fans who just want to knit Rose’s wrist warmers or paint their back shed Tardis blue without fearing being served an injunction.  It’s poor form.

    In other news, I bought bright blue fabric at Shepherd’s Bush Market today, and somehow hope to paint a police box onto it for Alex’s new wrap baby carrier.  Wish me luck next time I wear it near White City.

    • Heidi Rempel 6:26 pm on May 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      This pisses me off too – I mean, at least she's not being cheeky enough to charge for it but claiming that the weeping angels are her work? Hello?!

      I get so furious with copyright infringers (yet am guilty of having pirated music on my iPod, I confess). I have to think they're clueless, rather than actively malicious, or…


      I try to think that, anyway :/

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