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  • Monkey 1:25 pm on April 11, 2015 Permalink | Reply
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    Spring with a tech-addicted four year old… 

    Today sees the first beginnings of spring here – when the sun is just about strong enough to actually entice people out into the world, and into the back garden.

    Enticing our four-year-old Weapon, is another matter, especially when he has been fully seduced into the ways of the iPad, and Hot Wheels toy car videos in particular.

    After a spot of minature Golf Olympics (running and spider-jumping over carefully-laid minature golf clubs), thwacking a poor football with a long bamboo stick and a fair bit of planting, he decided he would prefer to go back inside for a spot of Hot Wheels video watching.

    I was a little ready to drag him back outside, then I remember he is the product of two parents who tended to prefer the tech leisure solution to life, as opposed to playing outside.

    So I’ll give him a little iPad time. Then take it away from him, and drag him to the local park. Maybe he’ll remember the joy of the slide…

  • Monkey 11:09 am on March 17, 2013 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: bassboomz, bluetooth, gadget, speakers, technology   

    Things to make you go boomz 

    BassBoomzAnyone who comes to our family home knows two things: We love gadgets, but our office desk is ridiculously cluttered and we’re always looking to reclaim some kind of space – and saving cash would be handy too! This is no bad thing, after all – gadgets make our lives more easy, and who wouldn’t want to save some money at the end of the day?

    So when we were offered a chance to review the BassBoomz, a micro Bluetooth speaker that could replace space-hogging speakers and be far cheaper (at just £49.99 with our discount code till the end of March), we jumped at it.

    Seriously it’s tiny – it’s only half the length of a cell phone, fits easily in your pocket or some spare corner of your desk (or perched up on some books) and barely 5 cm across in width.

    Yet this Bluetooth-enabled speaker packs a surprisingly serious punch of sound. When they say bass, they mean it – I was able to get sounds out of it that usually produced a cracking sound in my higher end speakers. I’ve now ditched my speakers and now just use this attached to my laptop or mobile phone!

    Set up was a breeze; just make sure your devices (eg mobile, laptop, iPad) have their bluetooth on, and with two clicks of the mouse, you are ready to go anywhere in the house, or on the street. A line-in and mini USB port on the bassboomz ensures you can recharge on the go (no batteries required!) using a plug or your device without hassle. And the tough aluminium casing ensures it can take any knock in your bag without hassle – try that with your speakers at home!

    Once that’s done, you can emulate rich Miami millionaires by simply choosing any song you like on your mobile phone, and suddenly it’s booming out of this tiny little speaker!

    Overall, we’re really impressed with Bassboomz, and can’t wait to try the next thing that comes up!

    If this has tempted you, you can buy a BassBoomz for £49.99 (saving £30) by quoting discount code BBZ304616 at http://www.bassbuds.co.uk/bassboomz – give it a go for yourself!

    (This post was sponsored by BassBoomz)

  • HyperHam 11:32 am on December 8, 2011 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: baby Alex, , technology   

    Double Edged Sword 

    I went to check in on baby (the first time I checked in, he was sitting at the top of his crib, trying to reach everything on the night stand – oy!), and he was backwards/upside down/on his tummy. I immediately wanted to grab the camera and snap a pick to share, when I stopped.

    Technology has given us an amazing tool – the ability to share moments in time. Why just yesterday we were having tea with my mum (who lives 5 timezones away) via the wonder that is Skype, when a friend dropped in. So introductions were made via cam, something that couldn’t happen even over a phone line. But, technology also takes away – it strips the primary user of the tech from really experiencing the moment. I don’t look at my son babbling, I look at the camera’s screen, and see a recording (live, but still a recording) of my son babbling at me. That camera sucks the life out of the moment between my son and I, while giving life to the end users (his grandparents). When we give, we miss out.

    I watched him a bit longer, debated whether I should right him (and risk the wrath of light sleeping AlexMonster), and finally left the room, sans photo.

    It’s his moment. Let him have it.

    • Shari 9:47 pm on December 17, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      It is amazing how many people watch concerts through their cell phones… You are exactly right. 🙂

  • HyperHam 1:55 pm on November 20, 2011 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: grandparents, Hong Kong, Ohio, , , technology,   

    The modern traditional family 

    My husband and I are geeks, through and through. When the baby went down for bed yesterday, we could have folded clothes or played a few levels of Portal 2. Guess what won out? (The laundry got folded this morning, no worries). So this noon when it was time to feed Alex lunch, we noticed that both my parents (in the US) and his folks (in Hong Kong) were online. We pretty much pushed the boundries of Skype (and our broadband!), but there we were, with laptops sitting next to each other, and two sets of grandparents watching their grandson enjoy lunch. It was 7 am in Ohio, noon in London, and 8 pm in Hong Kong, but were any other family sitting down to a Sunday meal.

    People decry technology for the downfall of the family. “We’ve become too isolated!”, they screech. “We can’t even talk to each other anymore!” And I agree. Technology, like ANYTHING else in the world, can hurt you if you let it. But considering technology helped me find my husband, keep in touch with him when we lived an ocean apart, and keep our family together now that baby Alex is here, I can only find good in technology. Yes, I check my email while I feed baby his morning milk. Yes, my husband is on his phone first thing in the morning. Yes, my son understands what most remotes in the house do. And yes, we do love Portal 2. But, this is our family.

    Non-traditional, geeky, and always loving.

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