Tempting fate…

When I made my last blogpost about 22 hours ago, I was naively thinking that the worst of the sleep deprivation was behind us, we’d made plans to show off Weapon to some workmates and there was light at the end of the tunnel.

That light turned out to be a tease that just sent us back into a deeper tunnel.

From about 5am to 5pm, Weapon just wouldn’t stop crying and the only way I could persuade him to stop would be to swing him ever so gently around the room, lifting him up by his armpits. And there’s only so many times you can hum the Superman theme tune to that.

We took it in turns (or four hour shifts) to sleep in the bedroom while the other one looked over Weapon, and I dare say @HyperHam had far more success than I did in terms of keeping him entertained and quiet.

Eventually in the afternoon, I was able to get Weapon to sleep, but only by lying perfectly still for two hours while he was draped across my thighs. As soon as I moved to put some circulation back in my legs, he awoke and was back to endless crying mode, where nothing would placate him. I eventually got him back to sleep by draping him across my chest (after ending up crooning Portishead songs to him) but his legs were in the perfect position to kick my testicles. Although to be fair, I doubt I’ll be needing those any more.