The modern traditional family

My husband and I are geeks, through and through. When the baby went down for bed yesterday, we could have folded clothes or played a few levels of Portal 2. Guess what won out? (The laundry got folded this morning, no worries). So this noon when it was time to feed Alex lunch, we noticed that both my parents (in the US) and his folks (in Hong Kong) were online. We pretty much pushed the boundries of Skype (and our broadband!), but there we were, with laptops sitting next to each other, and two sets of grandparents watching their grandson enjoy lunch. It was 7 am in Ohio, noon in London, and 8 pm in Hong Kong, but were any other family sitting down to a Sunday meal.

People decry technology for the downfall of the family. “We’ve become too isolated!”, they screech. “We can’t even talk to each other anymore!” And I agree. Technology, like ANYTHING else in the world, can hurt you if you let it. But considering technology helped me find my husband, keep in touch with him when we lived an ocean apart, and keep our family together now that baby Alex is here, I can only find good in technology. Yes, I check my email while I feed baby his morning milk. Yes, my husband is on his phone first thing in the morning. Yes, my son understands what most remotes in the house do. And yes, we do love Portal 2. But, this is our family.

Non-traditional, geeky, and always loving.