Monkey and I won Portal 2 a few days ago…

Monkey and I won Portal 2 a few days ago.  Technically, Monkey won it, I served as the World’s Most Annoying Backseat Gamer.  I couldn’t help myself, once I figured out how it was all supposed to work, I obsessed over it till we were done.  You know, there are a lot of parenting manuals out there, styles of raising your kids, from Gina Ford’s strictness to co-op commune.  Helicopter moms versus Hands Off dads.  I think there is an under-represented parenting style, The Gamer Parent.


The Gamer Parent (TGP) tends to overhype the arrival of the new game, but rarely reads up on the game itself (spoilers!).

TGP sees each day, even each hour as a different level to be conquered.  She knows that the game won’t solve itself – she has to be willing to risk it all for the big reward.

TGP is hyper aware of every small clue along the way, and will often journal or blog her progress as a way of remembering and seeing new patterns in play.

TGP  can often become myopic and has to be reminded to step away from the game every once in awhile, lest she gets burnt out.

TGP often uses the Internet for tips and hints on her level – specific issue.

TGP understands that even though a particular level seems impossible, she can’t give up.  She has to keep slogging through.


Right now we are dealing with constipation.  We’re doing warm baths, tummy massage, trying to give water, everything and anything.  Before that, it was painful gas and spitting up.  Before that, it was jaundice.  The levels change, the game as a whole stays the same.  You adapt, or die.  You take help where you can find it.  You remember to keep your head about you.  You rejoice in well planned executions as well as happy accidents.  You never give up.


You never give up.


You never give up.