The perfect place to entertain toddlers in London…

What if I told you that there was a place in Central London, that was perfect for entertaining toddlers while keeping your sanity because:

For toddlers:

  • a fun table-based playset that keeps their attention
  • a bunch of kid-friendly areas where the toddlers can play at being drivers
  • a bigger environment where toddlers can practice being drivers
  • a street scene where toddlers can have fun learning how to cross the street and pressing buttons

and for adults:

  • toddlers that are happily entertained
  • toddler-friendly toilets that are clean and easy to use
  • FREE WI-FI. Did I mention that earlier? FREE WI-FI.
  • a nearby cafe for a quick injection of caffeine
  • Only £15 entry fee – and then you can return as many times as you like for a year
  • free entry for under-5s
  • it’s possible to exit the place without going through the gift shop…
  • no repetitive soundtrack of tween-friendly tunes

and better yet, it’s in the heart of Covent Garden so adults and toddlers alike can recuperate afterwards with a hideously expensive burger if they feel the urge to spend money SOMEWHERE?

This perfect slice of nirvana for wrangling toddlers is the London Transport Museum. Run, don’t walk to this place the next time you feel the need to wrangle your toddler in a new space!