The Sins of the Father

If our family were a corporation, Monkey would be the CFO, and I would be head of HR.  He handles the paying of bills, knows what credit card has the best cashback options, and keeps a roof over our heads.  I am primary caregiver  of baby, remind him of relationship statuses, and find the words to keep him afloat through choppy conversations.  But yesterday, he came to me with a dilemma.  You see, we need to start a fund for Baby Alex for when he is older.  Now, there are two main options in the banking industry.  We could go with

A.  The relatively clean bank, with a lower earning potential (like co-op banking), or

B.  The beyond morally questionable banks who offer higher earnings.


The question becomes, do we offer him a (slightly) better financial outlook at the risk of having blood on our hands, or feel superior as we watch our money languish?  This is all utter MCP*, really, but it’s still bothering me.  I’m thinking rich people don’t really worry about this – if they are well enough off, they can afford to assuage any guilt with a donation from a “dirty” bank account.  They get to feel warm and fuzzy, and still get the best interest rates.  So what do the rest of us who are lucky enough to even think about this stuff do?


*Middle Class Problems