As well as being geeks, our little famil…

As well as being geeks, our little family unit is also ridiculously multi-cultural with three different nationalities involved. Weapon, by dint of his parentage, was born a British citizen and acquired American citizenship via a little ceremony at the American Embassy.

Unfortunately, while this gave him the ability to visit America and see his grandparents as often as he’d like, it also gave him a few responsibilities. Like registering for the American military draft, and for taxes, no matter where he is in the world. (Incidentally, America and Eriteria appear to be the only two countries that forces its citizens to pay taxes even when not in their ‘home’ country).

However, given that America was famously founded on the principle of no taxation without representation, it’s interesting that despite having to pay taxes and register for the military draft, foreign-born American citizens don’t automatically have the right to vote, even though they pay taxes.