When baby plays favorites

Lately, Alex has been favoring Monkey over me – when his daddy comes home, Alex FREAKS out till Monkey comes into whatever room we are in and picks him up, no matter what we are doing (eating, changing his diaper, etc). If he wakes up from a nightmare, momma will not do in the night to soothe him, only daddy. And in a weird way, it makes sense. After all, I’m with Alex 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That would make anyone annoyed with me, even on my best behavior. But on top of that, I do all of the awful mean things to him, like

Nasal Aspiration
Medicine giver
Thoroughly wipes his face clean, not just until he gets annoyed
Changes his diaper when he just wants to play
Tells him no
Takes things away from him that Daddy will let him play with (working computer mouse with battery inside, toilet paper on roll, magnets from fridge)
Takes him away from stuff he wants to play with
Tells him it is time to sleep
Doesn’t let him get out of bed when it’s 3 am and he wants to play

I don’t blame the kid, if I were him I would hate me too!

It’s a fun sort of kick in the teeth to watch the kid you have literally killed yourself over taking care of for the past year as he pushes past you to get to his daddy, his favorite.

There’s no heartwarming lesson learned today. It’s a fucking kick in the teeth.