When Geeks Move

I’m at my ancestral home for the rest of this week, and have been furiously scrambling to downsize the amount of crap in the house (rather my amount of crap, I’m not in charge of these crazy people’s stuff).  The biggest argument thus far between Monkey and I is over my slash and burn approach to my stuff – 80% of everything I touch is donated to Goodwill, 15% is being sold of Amazon, and 5% I will actually keep.  Some things are easy to decide – old cards from friends are ripped up, family cards are kept.  Old college theatre programs are gone, one copy of each HS one are kept.  If it has a UPC code, I am selling it; if it doesn’t, I am going to try to eBay it.  The tough part comes when I encounter my geek stuff.  I have 3 first edition waterglobes from The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Two I bought, but the first (and most valuable) was a gift – do I dare sell it, or do I keep it here, knowing it will probably never make it to the UK in one piece?  My comic books are all bagged and boarded, and will cost a fortune to ship, but are practically worthless in the resale market.  Can I justify holding onto them for another 50 years and going for a sale then?  I’m lucky, as a comic nerd I embraced the digital medium pretty enthusiastically (read:  Underground pirated copies, scanned and traded via FTP).  If I wasn’t, I would be wading through literally thousands of titles, deciding what stays and what goes.  I’ve decided to leave them all here for the time being – I don’t have the energy to price each individually, and frankly, I don’t have the time to read each one again, which I would invariably do the second I plopped myself in front of the boxes.


Geek life, yo.  This shit just got real.